Thursday, 18 July 2013


Apologies for the lack of posts, only we're all melting in this unnatural heat here! 
Overseas visitors to the blog might think it silly that we're all getting a bit hysterical because it's well into the 20°s but when your average British summer temperature is about 16°C you must understand that we just aren't used to it! (The highest temperature ever recorded in the whole of Scotland was 32.9 °C!)

 Most of the clients have requested hacks instead of lessons and I can certainly understand why! Beach rides have of course been very popular but our Hollowcroft Loch afternoon ride has been our most requested as it's long, leisurely and you get to go for a swim when you get there!

Summer Hacking

Some people apparently couldn't wait to get to the loch before going for a paddle though!

Summer Hacking

Sometimes we go over the moor and go through the village which has fantastic views of the whole area, but another route is to follow the main road into Hollowcroft which is parallel with the river. This is perfect on hot and sunny days because the trees around it provide some much appreciated shade.

 The evenings have been nice and cool though so it's been business as usual where lessons are concerned.

Rosie asked for a lesson on Kestral as, although she has her own pony, Rhu, she wanted to give him a break while we have all this hot weather seeing as he's getting on a bit and doesn't cope well in the humidity. Aside from that, riding another horse would give her new perspective on her riding and it would give her a chance to work on a few things.

Kestral is our first choice for lead-rein rides and first lessons as she's as bombproof and quiet as they come but isn't lazy and provides a good experience all round for any rider of any riding level. That said, we could tell she was getting a bit sick of being jabbed in the mouth by well meaning beginners who over-did their aids for 'halt' and decided to try her out in a bitless bridle to see how she did. To our surprise she actually started going better in it than with the snaffle so we put in an order for a custom one with fancy detailing. It's the same type as Rhona and Jaconelli have (and now Kerry! - Lisa) and is just a simple side-pull type - not much more than a glorified headcollar really, but Kes seems to like it and that's what matters at the end of the day!
I'm afraid the colour wasn't the staff's choice - we held a vote a few weeks ago and pink was chosen by the overwhelming majority so we got her a numnah to match from the bargain bin at the tack shop in Hollowcroft. Poor horse, it's bad enough she has to endure a diamanté browband but a pink one? Eurghhh.

Outdoor School

Kestral doesn't get much opportunity to jump in the beginner classes so I think she enjoyed this just as much as Rosie did!

Outdoor School

Outdoor School

Right, on that note, I'm off. I think I need to go and plug in another fan and break out the ice lollies...

- David

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